Ajyal Film Festival 2021


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  • Canary

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2022

    Canary birds are highly sensitive to their environments. Because of this, they were often used in mining as an indicator to see if the air was safe to breathe. Young Sonny doesn’t like mining much, and he trains his pet canary to play dead so they can take the day off. A prank that leads to unintentional disaster in this well-crafted animated short about honesty, integrity, and friendship.  

    Pierre-Hugues Dallaire, Benoit Therriault / Canada / Short Animation

  • Comedy Queen

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2022

    Sasha is 13 years old and wants nothing more than to become a stand-up comedian. She wants to make everyone laugh, especially her father, who cries in the shower when he thinks no one is listening. Behind her eyes, the unhealed tears also burn on Sasha, but she refuses to mourn her mother, who has passed away in tragic circumstances. Instead, she secretly writes a list of everything she must do to survive—shave her hair, stop reading books, say no to the world’s cutest puppy and above all—become a Comedy Queen.

    Sanna Lenken / Sweden / Feature Narrative