Ajyal Film Festival 2021


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  • The Apple Day

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2022

    ‘A’ is ‘Apple’, or more appropriately in Farsi—’S’ is for Seeb. Young Mahdi is learning the alphabet and his teacher has the creative idea of rooting the new letters in real-life objects. Since Mahdi’s father is an apple seller by trade, his duty is to bring each student an apple for the class on ‘S’. A simple enough task on the surface. But when the family’s van is stolen, it sets off a series of events that make 30 apples seem like a herculean challenge—one which older brother and young hero, Saeed, is determined to accomplish.

    Mahmoud Ghaffari / Iran / Feature Narrative

  • The Territory

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2022

    ‘The Territory’ follows the vital, inspiring fight of the Indigenous Uru-eu-wau-wau people of Brazil to defend their land from non-Indigenous farmers intent on colonising their protected territory. Co-produced by the Uru-eu-wau-wau community, the film draws on intimate access to both the Indigenous perspective and the farmers who want their land to chronicle a conflict that has profound implications for the survival of a people and the planet. The community has faced environmentally destructive and often violent incursions into their sovereign territory by nonnatives seeking to exploit the land. Illegal logging and land clearing incursions have become more frequent and more brazen over the years.

    Alex Pritz / Brazil, Denmark, United States of America / Feature Documentary

  • Tremor

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2022

    During water therapy for his chronic spasms, Leon is involved in a shocking incident with his physical therapist. An eruptive and very public moment of betrayal. The resulting fallout reverberates through their lives like the aftershocks of a seismic event, seeing their once trusting relationship almost fractured beyond repair. ‘Tremor’ explores the often complex and intimate relationships formed between therapists and their patients.

    Rudolf Fitzgerald Leonard / Germany / Short Narrative