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Made In Qatar: Programme 1

- Doha Film Institute

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Rated: Parental guidance is advised for viewers under the age of 15. Individuals under the age of 15 are not admitted into cinemas unless accompanied by an individual aged 18 or over.

The following films will screen as part of this programme:

  1. A Simple Cut
  2. The Chandelier
  3. Civilization of Equality
  4. When It's Time
  5. A Few Seconds
  6. Fraiha
  7. Sanad


A Simple Cut

Director: Maha Al-Jefairi
Qatar / Arabic / 2022 / 12 mins

‘A Simple Cut’ is a vibrant tale of teenage rebellion and the quest for autonomy. Set against the backdrop of cultural expectations, the film delves deep into the symbolism of haircuts in the Arab world, capturing the essence of a young girl's struggle for self-expression. The director beautifully portrays the intricate relationship between Arab mothers and daughters, offering a fresh perspective on age-old traditions and painting a vivid portrait of identity, defiance, and familial bonds.

Maha Al-Jefairi is a Qatari filmmaker passionate about telling stories reflecting modern Qatari society. She believes in films' power to bring people together. She has worked on several short film projects since her university days. Her debut short film 'Me, Myself & A.I.' examined a person's relationship with technology. 'A Simple Cut' is her second short film, shedding light on the societal and cultural pressures a young girl faces during her formative teenage years.

The Chandelier

Director: Karim Emara
Qatar, Egypt / Arabic / 2023 / 11 mins

A whirlwind of chaos and comedic mishaps envelops Ameem's manic morning as he finds himself caught between familial obligations and an important job interview. Amidst falling chandeliers, shattered vases, and an imposing father-in-law's demands, Ameem's frantic race against time becomes a hilarious exploration of priorities and the unpredictability of life. This narrative brilliantly showcases the juggling act of family dynamics, personal aspirations, and the comedic pitfalls facing a generation.

Karim Emara recently graduated from Northwestern University in Qatar and is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Media at Emerson College. He wrote and directed ‘The Chandelier’ (2022), which was granted by Studio 20Q, and entered seven film festivals across the world. He is currently in the post-production phase of his new short film, Lost Sole’. Emara's work is centred around the feeling of alienation and chaos and the struggle to maintain an identity in a world that is changing rapidly every day.

Civilization of Equality

Director: Ibrahim Albuainain
Qatar / English / 2023 / 4 mins

'Civilization of Equality' is a short, stop-motion animated musical reflecting true equality's beauty. A plethora of well-known and much-loved species join the animal chorus from their respective habitats worldwide. As their individual calls and melodies gradually converge, they harmonise acapella style to deliver a breathtaking song that reminds us that we must live in peace and harmony regardless of who we are or how we look.

Ibrahim Albuainain is a writer, art director and filmmaker. Since childhood, he embraced art, and he always wanted to understand the magic and secrets of cartoon animation and stop motion. As a result, he dedicated many years to research and experiments to make animatable puppets. He is known for his first stop-motion film 'The Last Drop of Oil' (2012), which was an official selection in many film festivals, such as the Family Film Festival in Hollywood and Douban Film Festival in Seoul. The film also won a title at Ras Al Khaimah in 2014. In addition, Ibrahim is a grantee recipient from the Doha Film Institute for his 3D animated film 'Smile You Deserve It'.

When It’s Time (El Maradh Ma Bektil)

Director: Awad Hashim Karrar
Qatar / Arabic / 2023 /? mins

Viewers are invited into an intimate conversation between Awad and his father as they navigate the complexities of their perspective on mortality in the face of a life-altering challenge. Through candid conversation and heartfelt moments, the documentary provides a glimpse into the impact of illness on familial bonds, ultimately revealing the love that defines their journey.

Awad Karrar, born in 1998 in Doha, Qatar, is an innovative film director known for his storytelling. After completing studies at Northwestern University, he entered the film industry in 2016. His debut, ‘Tick Tock’ (2018), garnered international recognition. ‘Inferiors’ (2022) explores societal issues, while his latest work delves into his relationship with his father during cancer treatment. Karrar's films blend realism with allegory, addressing complex themes with sensitivity. As a rising star, he uses cinema to provoke thought on pressing societal issues.


A Few Seconds

Director: Arman Mansouri
Qatar, Iran / Farsi / 2022 / 15 mins

In a sanctions-stricken Iran, a relentless mother embarks on a harrowing journey to Tehran, seeking Mepilex Dressings for her daughter's rare ailment, Epidermolysis bullosa. Aided by an empathetic and shrewd taxi driver well-versed in the city's clandestine trades, they navigate the perilous black market of Tehran. The narrative serves as a poignant reflection on the human toll of international sanctions, juxtaposed with the unyielding spirit of motherhood in the face of insurmountable odds.

Arman Mansouri is an Iranian artist and filmmaker born and raised in Qatar. Arman initially pursued a degree in aeronautics at the Qatar Aeronautical College, but his true passion lies in art and filmmaking. He later obtained a master's degree from Tehran University of Art in Iran, where he specialised in various aspects of filmmaking. During his time in Tehran, Arman received intensive training at two prestigious film schools, the 8mm Film School and Karnameh Film School.


Director: Amal Al-Shammari, Hossein Heydar
Qatar / Arabic / 2022 / 6 mins

A powerful testament to the unyielding bond of mother and daughter, ‘Fraiha’ challenges the notion that one can only give what they have themselves acquired. The film skillfully crafts a biographical narrative where Fraiha’s unwavering support for her daughter becomes young Amal’s beacon of hope and resilience. This heartfelt short illuminates the intrinsic value of encouragement and love, showcasing that the most genuine and potent catalysts for success often transcend material or educational wealth.

Amal Al-Shamari is the founder and CEO of Embrace Doha, which offers a range of cultural services that cater to the needs of newcomers, expatriates, companies, and organisations. Amal is also a co-founder and creative director of Nefaish Animation, a Qatari animation studio specialised in producing high-quality animation inspired by the Qatari culture.

Hossein Heydar is an accomplished entrepreneur with a BA in Film and 3D Animation from the Multimedia University in Malaysia. He worked for the first Qatari Mobile app company and is currently Managing Director of Nefaish Animation. He has extensive experience as an animation director, 3D animator, storyteller, scriptwriter, and creative thinker.


Director: Noor Al-Nasr
Qatar / Arabic / 2023 / 20 mins

While having plans of his own, Jassim is forced to make a stop at a campsite after learning about his estranged brother Ali’s wild behaviour. On the way back home, the brothers have a moment of bonding before a practical joke Ali has made earlier backfires, and they run into someone seeking revenge. This film masterfully balances moments of familial warmth with the unpredictability of consequence, keeping viewers engrossed.

Noor Al-Nasr is a Qatari filmmaker who obtained her bachelor’s in Graphic Design at VCUQ and MA at SCAD university in Atlanta, GA. She has always been interested in art, and has participated in numerous exhibitions, mainly focusing on the art of storytelling and filmmaking. Her shorts were part of many editions of the Ajyal Film Festival in Doha, and took part in the Cannes Film Festival in 2015 and 2016. She also is interested in shooting and producing music videos; one such video dedicated to the first anniversary of the blockade on Qatar went viral.