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Made In Qatar: Programme 2

- Doha Film Institute

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Rated: Parental guidance is advised for viewers under the age of 15. Individuals under the age of 15 are not admitted into cinemas unless accompanied by an individual aged 18 or over.

The following films will screen as part of this programme:

  1. A’wan Al Kheir
  2. A Proposal
  3. Do you Remember Me?
  4. Fragments
  5. Awal Yom 'Aza
  6. Kinship
  7. Above the Tamarind Tree


A’wan Al Kheir

Director: Farah Gomaa
Egypt, Qatar / Arabic / 2022 / 7 mins

Each woman's story unfolds as they become pillars of strength for one another, offering encouragement and empathy as they navigate their health journeys. ‘A'wan Al Kheir’ delves into the complex themes of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of a fulfilling life, even in the face of adversities. The documentary invites viewers to witness the daily struggles and triumphs of these women, challenging preconceptions and fostering a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of individuals facing health conditions. Through its raw and unfiltered lens, the film illuminates their courage, resilience and unwavering spirit.

Farah Gomaa is a journalist and filmmaker. She is keen on telling people's stories by experimenting with artistic storytelling methods. Filmmaking has been a passion of hers since a young age, and she enjoys telling nonfiction stories. Farah is currently a producer and has recently worked on the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 World Cup official music videos and Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

A Proposal

Director: Nadia Al-Khater
Qatar / Arabic, English / 2023 / 13 mins

Nasser, a young Qatari man, dreams of marrying his American fiancé. However, marriages between Qataris and non-Qataris must first be reviewed by a special department before receiving approval. There, he faces a panel who hold his fate in their hands.

Nadia Al-Khater is a Qatari filmmaker drawn to innovative storytelling. Her early passion for filmmaking inspired her to become extensively involved with Doha Film Institute in 2013. After graduating from Georgetown University, she wrote and directed the short film ‘This Is Not a Drill’ (2019) with The Film House. Her successful collaboration with The Film House continued with her second short film, a comedy ‘A Proposal’ (2022), now in post-production. She has most recently directed the 2022 brand video for the National Museum of Qatar.

Do You Remember Me?

Director: Maryam Al-Mohammed
Qatar / Urdu / 2023 / 10 mins

Maryam Al-Mohammed is a current student at Northwestern University in Qatar, studying Communications with a minor in Film & Design. Maryam is also currently serving as the President of Studio 20Q, a film production house at Northwestern Qatar, where she works closely with student filmmakers and administers production workshops and film sets. After having taken the "Health in Focus Filmmaking Workshop" with Doha Film Institute and directing her first film, the young filmmaker found a passion in the field and in storytelling. Aspiring to continue working in the film industry, Maryam wishes to be an integral member of the community in Qatar and tell stories that represent her and her upbringing.


Director: Zaid Al Najati
Qatar / No Dialogue / 2023 / 13 mins

An enthralling journey into the world of forgotten memories. Using the canvas of an old house and not confined by traditional narratives, the film uniquely juxtaposes visuals and a haunting score to evoke a profound sense of nostalgia. This compelling experimental short invites audiences to embark on a sensory odyssey, finding beauty in stillness and echoes of the past. It stands as a testament to the power of film to communicate beyond words through vibrant sights and sounds.

Born in Baghdad, Zaid Al Najati's passion for cinema ignited at a young age. While completing his education in Iraq, he immersed himself in the world of movies, crafting short videos capturing the essence of life. Inspired by cinematic giants like Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Parajanov, he embarked on a journey of creative exploration. Despite initially pursuing a medical education in Egypt, his true calling beckoned him to Qatar, courtesy of Hayya. Here, he embarked on his cinematic odyssey, commencing with his debut short film, set within the evocative confines of an ancient Doha house.

First Funeral Day

Director: Jehad Hallaq
Qatar / Arabic / 2022 / 13 mins

Sarah's quest to uncover the identity of the mysterious ‘Noor’ during her mother's funeral becomes a touching odyssey through love, loss, and familial tensions. The film beautifully captures the anguish of unsaid goodbyes, the weight of a mother's final wish, and the unexpected bonds forged in shared grief. A poignant exploration of family, guilt, and the redemptive power of unwavering sibling support.

Jehad Hallaq is a passionate Palestinian/Jordanian screenwriter and director interested in telling stories of the dynamic, chaotic interactions between Arabs. Her stories shed light on social issues that relate to Arab communities in a comedic and dramatic manner.


Director: Ali Alhajri
Qatar / Arabic / 2023 / 13 mins

Khalid and Noura are in the delivery room, expecting their first newborn. Instead of being overcome with joy, Khalid finds himself awash with unsettling fear and uncertainty. When Khalid tries to get closer to his newborn, he is revisited by those same nightmares within himself. One day, Noura leaves Khalid alone with the baby, and what he hopes is an opportunity to feel connected with his son turns into much more of a struggle for clarity. Can Khalid face his inner demons and reconcile with these apparitions in his head?

Ali Alhajri is a Qatari filmmaker with a passion for creating films that subvert the realities that we have constructed for ourselves. Through his work, he strives to reveal the raw, unvarnished truth at the heart of these alternate realities. With a degree in TV Production and Media Management from Drexel University, Alhajri is committed to exploring the inner conflicts that shape our lives through his storytelling. He produces and directs short documentaries.

Above the Tamarind Tree

Director: Buthyna Al-Mohammadi
Qatar / Arabic / 2023 / 7 mins

In a stirring tale of growth and discovery, 'Above the Tamarind Tree' is a metaphorical journey of a child confronting her fears. This animated short delves deeply into the concept of stepping out of one’s comfort zone, symbolised by Noor's perilous journey up a Tamarind tree. Director Buthyna Al-Mohammadi beautifully translates her own life-changing realisation into a poignant story, illustrating that true beauty and growth lie in the embrace of the unknown.

Bothayna Al-Mohammadi is a Northwestern University graduate with high honours in Communication. She was part of several Studio 20Q films. She produced the documentary ‘I Heard’, which was selected for multiple film festivals, including the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) and the 4th Annual Widescreen Film & Music Video Festival. Bothayna is very passionate about animation and dubbing. She took a dubbing and voice-over course at Al Jazeera and dubbed multiple pieces, including the lead character in a children’s animation. Bothayna worked as a freelancer at Al Rayyan TV and a trainee at Qatar TV. She currently works in digital media at the Government Communications Office.