• Mission Possible (Escape room)

    - Doha Film Institute

    Excitement Awaits at our Mission Possible… Get ready for a pulse-pounding challenge at Mission Possible. Similar to an escape room, participants will solve riddles and puzzles under a time limit to make their grand escape. It’s a race against the clock for fun and glory. Game fee: 25 QAR per person.

  • Watching the Classics

    - Doha Film Institute

    Watching the Classics – ‘The 1970s, The 1980s: Decades of Transition’ A monthly lecture series with Professor Richard Peña Doha Film Institute is delighted to present ‘Watching the Classics’, an online programme where filmmakers and cinephiles can deepen their knowledge of film history. Presented by renowned scholar Richard Peña—Professor of Film Studies at Columbia University and Director Emeritus of the New York Film Festival—this series of lectures/discussions each focuses on an undisputed world cinema classic. In the monthly sessions, Professor Peña will present a given film within its aesthetic, economic, technological and social/political context, detailing each director’s formal techniques while teasing out the implications of these artistic and technical decisions. To get the most from the programme, participants are recommended to view the selected films before each session, and all are readily available through various popular streaming services. During the lecture, select images and clips will be included for discussion, and participants will be able to send Professor Peña questions, which will be addressed at the end of each session. Join us for this chance to revisit some of your favourite films—or to discover works that have helped change the course of film history.

    Richard Peña / USA, Qatar / Web Series