Ajyal Film Festival 2021

Ajyal Film Festival 2021

Made in Qatar Film Programme

Made in Qatar - Ajyal Film Festival 2021

/ Qatar, Lebanon, Yemen, Kenya, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Sudan / 2021 / 100 min / Colour / DCP / In Multiple / Arabic, English subtitles
Rated: Parental guidance is advised for viewers under the age of 15. Individuals under the age of 15 are not admitted into cinemas unless accompanied by an individual aged 18 or over.


To celebrate Qatar National Day 2021, we are delighted to present a selection of compelling shorts made by filmmakers who are proud to call Qatar home. The programme this year features some internationally shown and award-winning documentaries and narratives.

In an abstrusely dystopian future, a man wishes to return to his family. But navigating the complex system becomes a near-impossible journey.
Director: Khalifa Al Thani
Qatar / English, Arabic / 2021 / 10 mins

Fever Dream
A documentary about a reality that is stranger than fiction. Sick with the coronavirus, a couple films themselves in quarantine—a five-star hotel with a sea view and sealed windows.
Director: Ania Hendryx Wójtowicz
Qatar, Poland, USA / English / 2021 / 8 mins

There Were People
Filmed in the aftermath of the tragic explosion that rocked the city of Beirut last August, 'Kan Fe Nas' documents the stories of Lebanese people as they endure daily hardships.
Director: Mohamed Al Hamadi
Qatar, Lebanon / Arabic / 2021 / 10 mins

Don't Get Too Comfortable
Shaima Al-Tamimi shares an introspective letter to her deceased grandfather, reflecting on her ancestral migrational journey and its implications over three generations.
Director: Shaima Al-Tamimi
Yemen, Kenya USA, Qatar, UAE / English, Swahili, Arabic / 2021 / 9 mins

A Lens Under Water
An eye-opening and colourful dive into the teeming coastal waters of Qatar with underwater photographer Faisal Jarkas.
Director: Fatma Zahra Abderrahim
Qatar / Arabic / 2021 / 17 mins

Virtual Voice
A digital-savvy and satirical review of our online times. Meet Suzi doll, an ego-warrior marching to the algorithms of social media—another vacuous virtual voice, echoing injustices.
Director: Suzannah Mirghani
Sudan, Qatar / English / 2021 / 7 mins

Atlal (Remnants)
A wistful Palestinian man embarks on a trip down memory lane to the pivotal locations of his life in Qatar—all of which now lay abandoned.
Directors: Tony El Ghazal, Balkees Al-Jaafari
Qatar / Arabic / 2021 / 11 mins

When Beirut was Beirut
If these buildings could talk, what would they say? In this animated documentary, three of Beirut’s monumental buildings come to life and share their stories of Beirut’s unsettling history.
Director: Alessandra El Chanti
Qatar, Lebanon, USA / Arabic / 2021 / 12 mins

A Bedouin boy named Hamad forms a bond with a newborn camel, who he calls Olayan. When Olayan is later sold to market, young Hamad embarks on a mission to rescue his friend.
Director: Khalifa Al-Marri
Qatar / Arabic / 2021 / 18 mins